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The Need to Encourage Girls in STEM Discipline

Society and the country become successful when both genders work equally, get educations and then serve their nation. Today's topic is about STEM education for girls. Here we would see why it is also important for girls also. But first, let's see what is STEM. The Definition of STEM STEM contains four first alphabets of "Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics". The knowledge of STEM contains all necessary knowledge of these four subjects. Is STEM Good for Girls? It is common thinking that men are better in science and mathematics. But I would like to mention Adda who was the very first computer programmer. If she can do then every girl can learn and understand the technicalities of science and math. Today women are participating equally in the success of counties like men. This proves that both genders have to learn advanced skills as well as professional educations to finally serve the country and earn money. Why Girls Should Choose STEM Th
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Need for Public and Private Partnerships to Encourage STEM Learning

A + B = success! We can consider "A" as a public sector and "B" as a private sector. This is the best formula for the growth of STEM and the success of the country. We have seen that the US position is falling down in STEM education so, they have to take it seriously. Public ad private sectors relationship is very helpful for society. They both can do analysis, see the problems ad ca solve the problems in a better way. We also have written previously about the problems in STEM in private sectors and also it's the solution. Here we would talk about the advantages of public-private sector relationships. Advantages of Relationship Between Public & Private Sectors for STEM There are lots of positive things that will happen once the public and private sectors will work together. The gap of STEM Teachers will Fill Once public Sectors will contract will private sectors, they both can work on STEM projects and hence there will be more teachers will av

Need for Parents to Encourage STEM Learning at Home

Parents are the very best and first teachers of their kids. If they want to make your kid successful, then they have to pay attention to their children at home also. The popularity and demand for STEM encourage us to teach our children about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Every child spends most of its time at home so, it is responsible for parents to also practice STEM activities at home to develop these skills. Why STEM Education Activities at Home are Important? A kid when I started going to school, start learning something new. A kid looks and feels the world from a different angle. This is the right time to train their minds and give them skills, thinking abilities that will help them in professional lives. How to Perform STEM Activities at Home? There are lots of activities for kids that parents can ask children to perform. Tell Them About Basic Science If we talk about science, there are lots of things happening in our environment that we can

How to Train STEM Students in Accelerated Manner

If a child was taught basics of STEM at in early ages then he can also understand some advanced-level knowledge. In elementary schools, we have to accelerate the STEM education process and introduce children with some other a bit complicated tasks. The pace of STEM education is also important in every step. It is only possible if a public or private sector has a good development course structure. What is Accelerated STEM Education? Accelerated STEM education is more comprehensive and advanced. It can include only one topic or all the four fields of STEM. Anyhow, one thing is clear, in this accelerated STEM education, advance level knowledge is delivered. There are lots of institutes and academies in the US who are teaching accelerated STEM skills in summers. In this article, we would show you some accelerated STEM activities for elementary school students. Accelerated STEM Education Activities for Elementary School Students This is the time when probably a student will c

Why it is Important to Train STEM Students in Simplified Manner?

Researches show that simplified and easy structured content is better than hard and advance structure. If the purpose is to guide the students about the basics of STEM then educators and institutes should choose a simplified way of teaching. In schools, where our aim is just to introduce kids with science, modern tech, engineering, and mathematics, we have to prepare an easy to understand education structure so that, they enjoy this learning process and di not feel it a burden on them. What is the Purpose of STEM Education? STEM refers to science, technology, engineering, and math. The purpose of this education is to develop basic scientific understanding, critical thinking, planning, computer and tech abilities in students. STEM education also responsible to tell the students how they can solve real-world problems using the knowledge. It builds creativity in students, increase intelligence level and let them practice and solve problems in an academic career. By understandin

The Gap of Good Teachers in STEM Education and How to Solve it?

No one can deny from the worth of STEM but if we talk about US science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, it is sad to say that the US position is dropping especially in mathematics. US position dropped 3 points in 2019. This is a red alarm for the US. To remain the leading country of the world, it has to improve and especially has to improve STEM education. Another big problem is STEM teachers. The quantity of STEM teachers is not enough to cover a huge number of sectors. Not only govt. sectors but also private sectors lack STEM educators. After some research, we collected some information and analytics about STEM Educators that are given below. STEM Teachers is a Growing Problem In almost all the districts of the US, finding quality STEM educators is a big problem. This problem is due to low payments, poor environment and lack of interest of authorized persons.   Low-Quality NGSS RESOURCES Teachers are demanding high-quality NGSS resources for better teaching.

Why STEM Education is Important for the Next Generation?

Having a skillful, critical thinker, well-trained youngsters means that nation is one the way of success. STEM education provides necessary abilities to the students that is the demand of today that’s why, it is important to educate our children with STEM knowledge. If you start preparing our children from level one then surely creative skills will become a part of their thinking that’s why we empathize of STEM education even for kids. Today, the economy depends on science and mathematics so, it is very important to prepare our next generations for the demand of present and future knowledge and skills. What is STEM? STEM is a short term used for four fields “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math". The knowledge of these four fields is very important even for kids. STEM develop critical thinking abilities in students. Evaluation of STEM is although very old but the program was introduced by the educators of “Science and Engineering Education” (CAHSEE). They started